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Mum found this note I had to write in year 7 as a confession of my behaviour and suggestions to remedy it. πŸ™Š #1993


Top day working with amazingly talented people @georgesantoni @ga8e #madness

Not the greatest shot but I had to pull over to get whatever shot I could of the Sydney sky tonight on my phone. This DOES NOT do it justice. It was literally the prettiest sky I’ve ever seen. Wish I had the big camera!

Just added another FireWire to the quiver :-)

Fav song at the moment

All nighter número tres in a row. 🎼🎢🎡🎀🎹🎸🎷🎺🎻

Repost @bensinsight @markmathewssurf deep in at the Cape. #bigcajones

Garage door art. Sans Sebastian

Had a ball London :-))

Comfy clothes day #londonshopping

Paddington Station

Whilst in Abu Dhabi I leant over to give Jules a kiss and she said careful babe it’s Rambutan. Think she meant the holy month of “Ramadan” not this lovely sweet hairy red little fruit.