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Repost @bensinsight Karl Attkins down the south coast. Geeeez

Just doing a CPR refresher course

Wow!! A UFO caught on tape!

"Bringing sexy back" featuring my lovely wife is on in an hour on channel 7. 7:30!!

If we pour our energy into quality then it eliminates the need to have to talk it up. Nowadays quality just seems to find it’s way through.

Thought I’d do my own head swap. Katie working it on the red carpet with Richard Simmons

A very creepy head swap. I feel like I need to wash after seeing this.

Friday flashback. Taylor swift stadium tour support. Can’t wait for the madness tour!

Brothers in arms

Australia! A message from the lovely peeps of Gothenburg, Sweden. :-)

Flashback to Indonesia. Love to my fans in Asia!

Malmo you were amazing!

Off to Gothenburg #rixFM

I’ll be on this stage tomorrow night:-) can’t wait! Malmo festival Sweden

Just got to malmo in Sweden for the Rix FM festival. Will this cure my jetlag?

What a cool tribute piece to RW.